VA-044 Azo Initiator Supply for STABILITY

va-044For those diceCT users working STABILITY protocols into your specimen preparation regimes, we’ve been hearing reports that your thermally-triggered initiator, VA-044 (2,2′-Azobis[2-(2-imidazolin-2-yl)propane]dihydrochloride), may be difficult to source. It tends to be sold in larger volumes than researchers practically require for STABILITY, which has made it difficult to purchase while leaving much of the chemical unused on researcher’s shelves.

Dr. Vera Weisbecker (University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia) has recently offered to share some of her supply with STABILITY users, who might not be able to get a hold of it from Wako Specialty Chemicals or elsewhere. Please email her directly if you are interested. 

We, @DiceCT, would like to offer an enormous thank you to Dr. Weisbecker for her generosity and openness, in particular, as well as for advancing STABILITY for our larger community!

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