DiceCT Methods

DiceCT <i>Alligator</i>
Sections through the head of a neonate American alligator visualized via diceCT imaging.

As our community grows, techniques for diceCT Imaging continue to advance. Here we catalogue those advancements that appear both formally in the primary literature and more informally via guest posts and links to other digital resources. If you have an addition that should be featured on our Methods page, then please reach out to us @diceCT!


Recent Methods Advances and Posts:

Journal of Anatomy DiceCT Review Paper (White paper synthesis of diceCT imaging successes)

Modified STABILITY Protocol (Techniques for stabilizing soft tissues during specimen preparation)

CLAHE + DiceCT for Improved Contrast (Sub-par scans made beautiful!)

Selectively Perfusable Iodine-based Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography (spiceCT) (Contrast enhancement before your very eyes)