SpiceCT: Contrast Enhancement Before Your Very Eyes

“Is iodine perfusable?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the diceCT community, and the Witmer Lab at Ohio University has answered: “Absolutely!”

Comparison of diceCT- and spiceCT-imaged cormorants in frontal view—note the drastic difference in staining time for comparable soft-tissue contrast.

SpiceCT (selectively perfusable iodine-based contrast-enhanced CT) is particularly good at staining large specimens very rapidly. Iodine is perfused through the arterial system and across capillary beds, staining soft tissues nearly instantaneously and allowing for targeting regions of interest based on blood supply.

The Witmer lab recently presented their new protocol at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in San Francisco on 4 January 2018 and are now sharing that poster widely on FigShare. Download the poster, and add a new tool to your arsenal!


Thank you to authors Witmer, Porter, Cerio, Nassif, Caggiano, Griffin, and Ridgely. Find more of their work on the Witmer Lab homepage and on Twitter.



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