The Austin Working Group

The Austin Working Group Meeting, April 2–3 at The University of Texas, Austin
Austin Working Group members: (from top left) Larry Witmer, Juan Daza, Henry Tsai, Johannes Müller, Matthew Colbert, Zhiheng Li, Julia Clarke, Scott Echols, Paul Gignac, Nathan Kley, Nele Herdina, Philip Cox, Daniel Paluh, Catherine Early; (from bottom left) Ian Cost, Elizabeth Glynne, Casey Holliday, Courtney Orsbon, Samer Merchant, Ashley Morhardt, Don Cerio, & Monte Thies. (Not pictured are Mark Henkelman and Brian Metscher.)

A tremendous “Thank you!” goes out to the members of the Austin Working Group, whose efforts throughout 2015 have resulted in the digital resources published here as well as upcoming conference workshops and symposia. Together, we seek to grow the diceCT community and advance 3-D soft-tissue imaging well into the future.CB60vhyUkAABl8G.jpg-large

Thanks also to the National Science Foundation, The University of Texas at Austin, and UT CT Lab for their financial and institutional support.

The international, multi-institutional effort that started us off!
The Austin Working Group met for two days in April to discuss the state of the art for iodine-based contrast enhancement of X-ray μCT images. What emerged from that meeting was a set of standards and protocol recommendations as well as a strong desire to grow this nascent community.

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